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What is The BioJournal

The BioJournal is built to be a tool for you to use to track your biometrics over time along with logging your exercise, and hopefully soon your diet along with others.

Terms of Use and Legal Stuff

The BioJournal is available to use as is, as much as we have principles (see below) that we try to stick by we provide absolutely no guarantees regarding anything and this website is used purely at your own risk, we accept no responsibility for any harm to you or any of your assets as a direct/indirect result of using this website (as unlikely as that is). If you feel we have violated some copyright/patent you own or represent or have some other legal grievance with us, please send an email detailing your grievance to

Guiding Principles

Privacy & Anonymity

We do not require email addresses for registration, and we do not force a link to a social networking website(facebook, twitter etc) to allow registration. The reason for this is that although it would help us to spread usage of the website, we believe in privacy and anonymity, especially when it comes to medical data. We do plan on adding integration to social networking websites later on, these will never be forced and will only be added for those who want the convenience and extra features that these provide.


We do not currently serve out any advertisements, our costs are currently quite low as we launch The BioJournal and try get it going in a serious way. Our plan regarding revenue and costs going forward is to rely on a combination of donations and possibly a premium account for non-advert usage. However we will do our utmost to stick to advertising networks/providers that do not serve out malicious adverts and/or malware of any kind.

Whats Coming Next

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